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Google Customer Match

With contribution by John Sorto.   Targeting ads using email addresses across device when using any form of Google service including Search, Gmail, or YouTube.   On September 27th, Google announced the launch of its latest advertising ... Continue Reading


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Why Pay For GUIs Instead Of APIs?

If you currently use data to help grow your business, you will inevitably end up in a conversation as a manager or director that begins with, “What’s the difference between an API and a UI agreement, and why are the pricing models so different?” ... Continue Reading

Bing’s App-Linking Tags Advance SEO

Let's play a quick game. I'm going to guess at least 10 apps you probably have on your phone. If I get at least five right, you owe me a hypothetical cookie, and if I get less than five right, I owe you a hypothetical cookie. ... Continue Reading

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Mastering the Art of Online Retail

Read Catalyst's new eBook to master the art of online retail and accelerate your online retail sales.

Google CTR Study

This Catalyst eBook provides insights into the impact of user intent on Google click-through rates (CTR). Rankings are one thing. Getting traffic is quite another. With this in mind, it's critical to understand what really drives clicks. Download Today

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